Odd Beholder — Transatlantic Flight

Odd Beholder, the Zurich-based band project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann, releases the new single "Transatlantic Flight". After the release of the debut album "All Reality Is Virtual" in late 2018, this is the first forerunner of Odd Beholder's upcoming second full-length album.

Odd Beholder's music sounds as if you are flying towards the pastel horizon, being slighty intoxicated. Only to hit the hard ground of facts in the midst of tender clouds of sound. In the precise, unpretentious music, Weinmann deals with unpleasant truths. Her version of embracing electronica and melancholic pop music gives comfort and encourages digital escapists to stay real. In "Transatlantic Flight" the narrator reflects on her relationship to nature during a flight, and laconically predicts her own extinction.

« Imagine you’re on a plane. It’s very still. Everyone is wide awake. Nobody speaks. Nobody moves. A stewardess is walking by. Oh, the luxury of drinking a cup of coffee in midair. The air plane hovers over a sour sea. The screen reflects your pale face as it reads “Thank you for flying Unf Air.” It crosses your mind that nature had been great, and nature will be great again, but you won’t be around to write poems about it. It’s time to go and you just wish you had the change to go better. Are these still clouds ore is it smoke already? You brace yourself for impact. »

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Glad We Met, (CH)
Oha Music, (DE)