Odd Beholder — Hurt

Odd Beholder, the Electronica / Art Pop project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann is finally going on tour in July for the album "Sunny Bay", and also releases the new single "Hurt".


Weinmann details the track:

"What was on my mind when I was writing the song was that some people are concerned and engaged with climate change to the point of burnout, while others don't seem to care much at all and block out the seriousness of the situation."


Weinmann, who is co-founder of Music Declares Emergency Switzerland, is searching for the right level of activism. 'Hurt' shows one side of a fictional dialogue in a love relationship - one person worries that her/his partner doesn't take care enough about themselves and their mental health, while the other one just can not look away.


"Hurt" is new, an additional piece that belongs to the current album "Sunny Bay". However, the track addresses the issues discussed on the album in a very personal and direct way. "All in all it's Odd Beholder without the usual disaster-movie scenes that you would find all over 'Sunny Bay'" Weinmann summarizes.


Like all tracks on "Sunny Bay", "Hurt" is again a joint production between Weinmann and Berlin-based producer and musician Mario Willms aka Douglas Greed. The track thrives on Willms' driving beat, to which Weinmann responds with almost bluesy guitars and melancholy synthlines. The urgent, raw quality of the track underlines the immediacy of the lyrics.

Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Sinnbus, (DE)
Mouthwatering Records, (CH)
Booking:Glad We Met, (CH)
Oha Music, (DE)