Namaka — Cellophane

Cellophane is the first single of electro-pop outfit namaka to be released on the label Mouthwatering Records. It was produced with Alexandre Maurer (Marquis Malanga, Mama Magnet) in his studio in Berlin, Neuköln. Sitting there on the doorsteps and watching at the auto repair shop on the other side of the street was a great source of inspiration. The contrast between this busy environment and a really peaceful way of working led to a wide and driving, yet delicate song.


See-through and honest, Cellophane evokes a relationship in which the lover's ego fade in the background. From then on, the memory of one euphoric moment stays for ever as if written in stone, even if it goes all wrong in the end. The arrangement is warm and open. It combines fragile piano parts with a wall of synths and conscientiously built electronic beats. In between analog and digital, the song celebrates the honesty of singer Sophie Adam’s voice and it’s feminity, giving Cellophane a real otherworldly glow.


The single comes with a rework produced after a first duo show of the band. Stripped down to several layers of synths and just this one voice, it goes even deeper in the peaceful moment of an awakening relationship.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
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