Namaka — Restore

« Restore », the first album by electronic alt-pop duo Namaka is a personal introspection in the mechanisms of a break up. Human and honest, it reflects the inner struggle of every feeling that comes with it, like a photograph of the universe inside. Rich in nuance, all the seven songs on the album have their own place and attitude, each one telling about a different momentum of the same process. On « Hold » you can feel the water flowing through you body, like a rush of energy beginning to let go. « Off Season », darker, is an attempt to fill the void and to let yourself be supported by warm air. And « Electric Riot », explosive and raw, represents the aggression and the delusion that come with misunderstandings and diverging points of view.

All the songs were written during a recording week at the Centre Culturel in Arbaz (VS), Switzerland. For this record, the band worked with the Irish producer David Odlum, who helped with the production and mixed the album. Thoughtfully layered, it flows with this uncontrolled electricity, shaking and soothing at once. The theme of water is very present all along the album and is also a big part of Namaka’s musical identity. In « Restore », the water is at once an image of overload and flood, but also a metaphor for emotional growth and rebirth. For the first time on a record, Namaka featured an electric bass - giving it the role of a second narrative alongside the voice, telling simultaneously the same story, both from their own point of view.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
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