Namaka — Off Season

Off Season, the new single by Namaka, feels like floating on warm air. You can almost see this flashing stream supporting you, yet you notice an odd gravity pulling you back to the ground. Darker and more intimate than their previous single « Unarmed », this song draws the line in between seeing your home thorn apart and knowing that those rushing rains will soon be singing soft. It was written during a recording week at the Centre Culturel in Arbaz (VS, Switzerland). Looking outside the window and staring at the space between the peaks, Off Season is the attempt to fill that void, to fill the air in between. It is dedicated to this No Man’s Land that you can experience when renewal and destruction come together. This is the second single of their upcoming album « Restore », due to be released on November 26th. 


Namaka is the electronic alt-pop duo formed by Sophie Adam and Philipp Schlotter. Constantly seeking for change and evolution, they are not afraid of reinventing themself on each record. Their music is like a body, always in motion, thorn in between analogical and digital, the organic and the mechanical. While their first EP «Apron Ties» celebrated wide fluid spaces and reminded here and there of the Icelandic Singer Björk, their second EP «Water On The Sun», released on Mouthwatering Records in May 2020, shined with a brighter energy and playfulness. Open-minded and lightly euphoric, the EP and the single could take place in between records of Little Dragon or Vök


Now turning inwards, their first Album « Restore » (26.11.21) is a personal introspection in the mechanisms of a break up. Human and honest, it reflects the inner struggle of every feeling that comes with it, like a photograph of the universe inside

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