Bass Sekolah — Lighthouse Remixed

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Lighthouse (Phon.o Remix) at XLR8R - top 10 march 2015

It's a really exciting time for Bass Sekolah! "Here and Now", their collaboration track with producer Phon.o, just hit the official Giorgio Armani playlist, and nobody really knows how. Cee also got to rock the after party following Tricky's electrifying Berlin show, alongside the eclectic Sarah Farina. And now it looks like the duo will be representing South-East Asia musically, being that they scored a feature on the British Airways inflight magazine, and their music will be all over the onboard playlists.

The biggest news of all is that "Lighthouse Remixed" is slated to drop digitally on April 10th, while vinyl junkies can pre-order the real thing, which will come out about a month later. The release will feature a variety of interpretations by a host of friends and friends of friends: Daedelus, Phon.o, Perera Elsewhere, Beatspoke, Filewile, Night Marks Electric Trio, Sauce 81 and Boogie Mann. It covers a wide range of styles: from different inflections of Bass, through Juke, Post-Bap deconstructions, a hint of Soulful House, all the way through slick Future Soul. To celebrate this upcoming release, the duo joined director – friend, Kubhaer T. Jethwani, and took a drone out for a nice spin over the jungle and put together this colorful music video.

"The sun will come out real soon my Western friends. In the meantime we're sending you some from around the way! Btw. that overgrown puppy in the video, that's Maya, she's our Rick Rubin - the extra ears at every session, our hidden weapon" Cee


Bass Sekolah cover art credits by: Clemens Behr


1 Lighthouse (Phon.o Remix) 2 Lighthouse (Daedelus Remix) 3 Lighthouse (Perera Elsewhere Remix) 4 Lighthouse (Beatspoke Remix) 5 Lighthouse (Night Marks Electric Trio Remix) 6 Lighthouse (Boogie Mann Remix) 7 Lighthouse (Filewile Remix) 8 Lighthouse (Sauce81 Remix) 9 Lighthouse - Original


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Cool's Music (South Korea)
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