MCD — Binary Code

Binary Code is a futuristic Hip Hop album with a strong dance-floor emphasis, smoothly combining straight party bangers with grimy street vibes. Every track near bursts with energy and talent from a host of guest artists, ranging from the well known Roots Manuva to the astonishing newcomer S.K , who was a mere 15 years when recording his rhymes for MCD. Binary Code balances nicely between party and conscious reflection, while presenting some seriously fresh musical and lyrical styles. MCD’s music works from a bass-heavy foundation, with more than a hint of Caribbean influence filtering through the electronic beats and sounds. MCD plays and programs all his music, rather than using sampling techniques traditionally used in Hip Hop. D’s productions often move towards more technoid Grime tunes, yet slower beats and Reggae bass-lines retain an earthier vibe, defining MCD’s own kind of street-sound. A sound which is essentially Hip Hop with a strong electronic touch, reminiscent of the more cutting edge American producers like The Neptunes or Timbaland.

Label:Mouthwatering Records