To Athena — Garten

To Athena, Marlena Käthe

Garden is a song about the awareness of care work in relationships, which is mainly the task of the female gender. One wants to give a lot, but the giving can also leave an emptiness at some point, when too many blossoms were picked in the garden and there was not enough time to also take care of the garden.

Marlena Käthe and To Athena met in the middle of Corona, when Berlin was a very lonely place, during a coffee walk in Treptower Park. It quickly became clear that somehow the same waves were vibrating and coinciding topics were calling for exchange. The two followed this call after their first meeting. There was an online songwriting day. Each had one hour to write a text. After the hour, the texts were exchanged and a song was written and produced with the text of the others. Time was given only until the evening. Then the song sketches were exchanged and one got to hear his text in the form of a song mutually. Garten sprang from Marlena's lyrics and To Athena's music. And somehow there was suddenly so much magic that it was quickly clear that they wanted to bring the song into the world together. Garden was there!

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