After seven years since their formation, the time has finally come: IKAN HYU release their debut album OASIS. 


OASIS is an inner sanctuary, a time-stretching swimming pool in the desert, a pink manta ray in the Pacific Ocean. A place where synthesizers sprout like mushrooms while Hannah’s and Anisas’ voices, electric guitar, drums and the distinct sound of a walkie-talkie explode like a supernova…


The album was a long-awaited liberating blow giving IKAN HYU the chance to re-orient themselves and redefine their dynamics as a duo. During the recording process, the duo ventured more and more into producing their own songs: Vocals and drums were partly recorded in the band’s rehearsal room in Zurich, many synths were created in Anisa's home, on multiple songs several instruments were recorded simultaneously and the sound of walkie-talkies (used as amplifiers for vocals and guitars) runs through the entire album. This playful and free production process not only shaped the raw and tangible sound of the album, but also gave it the energy and passion that fans know from IKAN HYU’s live performances.


The seven-year itch – also IKAN HYU was not spared. Marked by hundreds of played concerts, the release of the EPs ZEBRA and JAAWS and last but not least a pandemic, the past few years were intense and also hard. Although IKAN HYU love being on stage and get a lot of positive energy back from their gigs, there has not always been enough space to process what they experienced. At times, it was as if they let themselves drift on their wave of success instead of taking charge. This feeling of being paralysed and not having enough control over the situation was not only noticeable in the dynamics within the duo, but also increasingly became a challenge in their private lives. 


OASIS was the antidote to this paralysis, since the duo could channel their emotions and give space to some of the struggles they were faced with.  For Hannah, the completion of the album helped her trust herself again and overcome her insecurities and self-imposed pressure when it came to songwriting: "I'm getting back into my flow and can finally let go of these songs." On the other hand, Anisa has been struggling with depression and for a long time didn't know how to cope. She sees many parallels in the album to how she dealt with her situation: "For the first time, I actively did something about my depression instead of just letting it all wash over me. And in the same way, OASIS also marks the difference between reacting and acting. We used to just react, and now we decide for ourselves."


With OASIS, IKAN HYU pull the listeners into their universe and invite them to let their thoughts run free and emotions flow: Welcome to my oasis, a place where flowers thrive. The wasteland that surrounds, us won't let my dreams run dry.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Gadget, (CH)