Tal Arditi

Fresh off his support tour with Black Sea Dahu across Germany and supporting the YouTube indie sensation Steph Strings, all signs are pointing to a meteoric 2024 for the singer/songwriter Tal Arditi.

A musical prodigy who completed his jazz studies by the age of 18, Tal’s sound lies somewhere between José González, Nick Drake and Tash Sultana, with vocals influenced by Patrick Watson. His evocative lyrics are stripped and bare - detailing his struggles, obsessions, passions and fears.

Arriving in Berlin fresh after graduating jazz school, Tal quickly turned heads in the European jazz scene, landing work at clubs and festivals all over Europe. And then the pandemic came. Tal was 21. With no stage to play on, Tal turned to writing confessional music and locked himself in his bedroom for two weeks. When he emerged, two EP’s were born - "Cross Country" and “Nothing is Real”. Both EP’s were immediately signed to the Swiss indie label Mouthwatering Records and led to further signings of his next material. His newest EP, “Open Heart” is set for release in 2024 with lead single, You and I, dropping in late November. Tal Arditi will be playing across Germany and Switzerland in January/February 2024.

“Jose Gonzales meets Woodkid or Even Keaton Henson... Tal Arditi has leaped up to the top of this list and it's magical.’’ - Indie Shuffle

Management:Nataly Kab,