Berlin-based duo OY first came to prominence when singer-musician Joy Frempong joined forces with producer-musician Melodydreamer to form what is now known as a symbiotic avant-pop and genre-bending body of sound.

Their symphonic odyssey expanded to new horizons in 2014, releasing their first collaborative album, “No Problem Saloon” in which they masterfully crafted a rich tapestry of African landscapes and pearls of wisdom. By then signed under the Belgian cult label Crammed Discs, the duo embarks on an outer space exode with “Space Diaspora” in 2016, a critically acclaimed concept album where retro and modern sounds dance in harmony. Vocal loops sprinkle the album with reflective notes on modern alienation while the bouncing beats, quirky samples, and electrifying synthesizers paint a cosmic dreamscape. Through a transnational prism, OY’s music boldly blurs the lines and sinks the notion of borders into blissful oblivion. Notorious for their vibrant scenic presence, every performance captures the hearts of festival-goers and music lovers with their wondrous storytelling and somersaulting rhythms, stretching the boundaries of music into uncharted realms. Their unique musical imprint is at the crossroads of many cultures and voices, which has led to 300+ shows in more than 20 countries and to appearances at festivals like Les Transmusicales, Les Eurockéennes, Sonar and Montreux Jazz.

In March 2023, OY will finally release their new long player «World Wide We» (Mouthwatering), and their four pre-release singles once again underline that OY's forte is bringing attention to societal issues while leaving listeners with a message of optimism.



‘A cybernetic sound jungle and a huge radio play - a whole universe unveils..' 



'A new sound that might make the future a little more colorful - if we listen' 



‘Wonderful symbiosis of driving drums, minimalist synth sounds and dreamy vocals’ live at GREAT ESCAPE (UK): ''the entire room is on their feet dancing..''

Booking:Bi-Pole, (France)
pojpoj, (Germany)
GLAD WE MET, (Switzerland)