Evelinn Trouble

Evelinn Trouble is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and visual artist who’s work deals with the knotted and complex nature of the human condition (trouble, so to speak). Critics have dubbed her the bastard child of Thom Yorke and Patti Smith, maybe because her work is equally driven by stylistic innovation as it is by a deep-seated compassion and a raw, rebellious energy.

Evelinn was born in Zürich into a household filled with jazz; her mother being a professional jazz singer and vocal teacher. While pursuing the unbound freedom heard in the music of her childhood, Trouble dove into the local squat-scene. Head-first. It was in this subterranean, non-commercial space where she polished and tested her craft, clearly defining the parameters of her art. She honed her voice and tested its limits in loud, brash industrial rock bands. Moved around, to New York, London, then Berlin, each of these cities leaving a distinct imprint on her work.

In under a decade, she recorded and produced 5 albums and three EP’s, forging a vast sonic universe of her own. No two releases in her catalog are alike; each a testament to the need for incessant self-reinvention and a natural aptitude for risk-taking. Her newest album LONGING FEVER, another genre-bending record somewhere between Bowie and Cobain, won the IndieSuisse Album of The Year Award and subsequently, Evelinn Trouble was placed on the IMPALA 100 Artist’s to watch list 2022. Evelinn Trouble is currently based in a hidden valley in the swiss coutryside and unless she is touring with her all-female outfit, or giving one of her rare concerts with her Black Sabbath tribute band, she is working on new music.

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