Evelinn Trouble

What to do? When the heart aches & the soul shakes? When the days are just a little too dark and heavy? We can seek solace in drugs, netflix, religion. Or we can seek solace in music. And when we do, no one quite brings it in like Evelinn Trouble does. Her unmistakeable voice has the ability to embrace the listener and prompt a cathartic experience on the spot. Her songs are soft messages for the wounded; «I’ve been there and I’ve made it through; so can you» And they can be abrasive hymns of change, wake-up calls carried by Trouble’s manic self-expression, scary and playful all at once. A phenomenon best witnessed live with her all-female band.

Born to a jazz-singer mother, she learned her first standard as a toddler («Black Coffee») and was hooked on the power of songs. Tried to find her own voice in loud grunge and rock bands as a rebellious teenager, playing and living in the squats of her then-home-town Zurich. A city she left before reaching her twenties in order to lead a nomad’s-life revolving around her music. Changing european cities (& haircolor) like other people change socks, using her songwriting as an anchor in the restless moving around. In under a decade, Trouble recorded and produced five albums and four EP’s, experimenting with different musical styles and forging a vast sonic universe with a loyal following. From industrial-driven rock to dreamy piano-ballads, from her psychedelic era to her days of hip-hop infused art-pop; no two releases in her catalog are alike. Trouble has always been a shape-shifter, a genre-fluid musician. And her fans are in for the ride. There’s just no way of telling which city or sound is next, but you always know when it’s Trouble. And maybe that’s the solace of it.

Booking:Le R., (CH)