Kejnu is the moniker of swiss multimedia artist and musician Nuél Schoch and the container for his multilayered musical creations. Kejnu is an artificial word and comes from the Latin Arcanum (secret). Nuél Schoch's solitary and introverted way of working is still reflected in this meaning today. His cryptic lyrics often tell very metaphorically about fears, delusions, death, decay, creativity, the universe and the body. Already with the first recording on a 4-track Tascam tape recorder at the age of 14 it became clear that writing and producing songs and chasing the riddles of a musical vision is the center of life. Since then, Nuél Schoch's music has been written and produced in his own bedroom and studio. Stylistically, Kejnu is located between pop, indie and alternative. Typical for Kejnu is Schochs characteristic, melodious voice, the mixture of drum machines and live drums, wah-wah guitars, flat voice sample synth sounds and a slight autistic aftertaste.