Brendan Adams

Perhaps it would have been more fitting were Brendan Adams to become a rapper. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, it was rap music that provided the soundtrack to Brendan’s teenage years. That is, until he discovered the guitar and singer-songwriter legends Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Sixto Rodriguez, whose significance to South Africans was unbeknownst at the time, even to himself. Brendan was one of those persons inspired by Rodriguez’ protest hymns. A natural talent, Brendan taught himself to play guitar and now bestows his own Cape Town blend of urban folk upon audiences far and wide. Things could have ended very differently though. Meanwhile Brendan is to release his fourth album Spirit. Produced by Àlvaro Alencar, who has been awarded 10 Latin Grammy awards to date, the album includes 12 beautiful songs which emanate both the influence of Brendans musical heroes and a distinctive uniqueness. In the recording studio “Toca da Bandido” in Rio de Janeiro Brendan recorded his intimate and spiritual Cape urban Folk.

Booking:Le R., (Switzerland)
Rolamusic, (Austria)