Marena Whitcher and Andrina Bollinger transform everyday life into a sonic playground. Collecting sounds like shells on the beach or dead insects on the hot summer asphalt, the duo of multi-instrumentalists called Eclecta use their field recordings to create samples and beats that serve as the raw ingredients of their studio album “Open Other Doors.” By means of elaborately crafted rhythms that accompany a capricious dance of dueling vocal organs, Eclecta refract our perception of musicality, breaking it prismatically into cubes of reflection that direct our gaze towards otherness, and yet hypnotically induce a mood of interiority. Eclecta open undiscovered doors, vocalizing their thoughts, pondering in cycles: from pleasure to pain, blooming to withering, coming to birth, leaving by death, re-entering by the force of fate. The tethered velocity of dual bodies, their organs and extremities, seem to have one only purpose: to gift us with music.

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