Blind Boy De Vita

The tradition of wandering blues men continues with an entropic mythology: Blind Boy De Vita, a one-eyed troubadour, native of Southern Italy. Standing roughly 2 meters tall, sporting a warm and colorful look, it’s not hard to spot him in a crowd. Singer, songwriter of glimpses into a life just beyond the reach of normal. His stories range from beautifully absurd to profound, intertwined in the repertoire he created during the many trips he took around the world. Like a mad Mediterranean scientist he likes to compose and produce his music on his own, performing it solo or as a classic power trio. Fusing psychedelic guitar and folk, a deep sonorous voice and soulful beats make up the unique blend of his singer-songwritten brew. To sumarise Blind Boy De Vita, a fun-loving artist, authentic, shaped by Italian spontaneity, family stories and lived wisdom.

Booking:Black Paper Boat, (CH)