Barbicop, established in 2022 by Madeleine Sandri, a 23 year old Swiss musician residing in Berlin at the time, owes its inception to her stint at an underground music venue in Neukölln. Immersed in lo-fi pop projects, she found inspiration to embark on her own musical journey. Her first single “Morpheus’ Mercy” hit the airwaves in December 2022, kicking off with a debut performance at Loophole, Berlin, featuring her brother on drums, her best friend on bass, and herself on guitar. Her quirky take on pop music materialized by the mix of live instruments blended with backing tracks and autotune left the audience both joyfully moved and pleasantly perplexed.


That initial show caught the attention of Janos from pojpoj, sparking a collaboration that landed her and her team gigs across Switzerland, Austria, and Germany in 2023, including Fusion Festival and Waves Festival Vienna. March 2023 witnessed the independent release of her debut EP, "Upwards and Inwards," followed by singles "InternetBB" and "Palms," all recorded, co-produced and mixed  by Simon Bradford at Arcane Productions, and mastered by Mick Boggis.


September 2024 is slated for the release of her second EP, "Barbicopium," accompanied by singles in March and June, all of which are to be released via Mouthwatering Records. This EP will define Barbicop's unique sound, wrapped in storytelling and a distinctive aesthetic.

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