You’re looking down the barrel of a gun. It’s not really a dream unless, that is, you consider all of waking reality as such.

The trigger gets pulled! Suddenly, the world around you turns into a colourful mosaic of gorgeous shapes dressed up in sound, infused with a vivid poetry and acute emotion. For synesthetes this can be rather overwhelming. The gun is, in fact, a sonic kaleidoscope ie. a device designed to translate life at-large into a «mind-blowing», polychromatic tessellation of sonic patterns. In a nutshell, this is what if feels like to come into contact with the music made by Geneva-based duo known as Elvett.

Elvett are Lyn (vocals) and Alain (production). They consider themselves crafts(wo) men specialising in the manipulation of sound. They spend their time hybridising the synthetic and the analogue, breathing soul through machines and into words. They merry melodies with textures, space with the humanised idiosyncrasies applied to drum machines.

Their songs invoke the pacifist, anticapitalist, pro-nature and the spiritually-inclined. And they are cinematic as hell!

Technically, their music falls under pop– albeit the art end of the spectrum – especially in regards to how it occupies air-time and clocks up plays on Spotify. Btw. they’re already way past the million mark and still running.

And then there’s that voice ! Like quicksilver, Lyn mastered the ability to make it shape-shift from the silky and sensual – via the soul-diva-esque – to a raspier Betty Davis type of powerful. Plus, it’s strong, unique color makes it perfect for casting spells.

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Anto Borie, (France)