Odd Beholder — All Reality Is Virtual

"I have the impression that we recorded a strange pop album, which is colourful and insistent. And which is about the strange temptations of our time - from Tinder to AI, from offline solitude to obsessive self-marketing."


Odd Beholder, the project of Zurich-based musician Daniela Weinmann, releases its debut album "All Reality Is Virtual". In the detailed but precisely articulated pieces Weinmann continues to work on her version of embracing electronica and melancholic pop music. The music, as on the two EPs released so far, is an expression of alienation. In the centre of Odd Beholder the artist meticulously keeps record of the curiosities of the world around her and addresses them in calm yet urgent words.


The involvement with virtual realities indirectly determines the production of the album. "Much of what happens online feels bland, wrong and manipulative. So I developed an appetite for the physical." Weinmann returns to her guitar after her initial Ableton euphoria. She meets the young Swiss musician Martin Schenker to discuss her ideas with a guitarist. Ironically, however, she discovers a producer: Schenker presents her with a lot of his own tracks and beats. "I trusted his taste and above all his chaotic methods," says Weinmann.

Mouthwatering Records
Mouthwatering Records
Distribution:Rough Trade
Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Glad We Met, (CH)
Oha Music, (DE)