Dubokaj — Cover Me (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

Dubokaj & Lee „Scratch“ Perry

"Cover Me was the highlight, the peak of the session at the Secret Laboratory. Both, me and Lee Scratch Perry, were very happy after we recorded it and we wanted to listen to it again and again. And now in 2021, Schlachthofbronx took it to another level, to the heavy bass and big beats clubs.” Dubokaj

Swiss-based Mouthwatering Records in a partnership with Transylvanian-based label The Sound of Art to Come proudly present Dubokaj & Lee Scratch Perry's first remix off the Daydreamflix albumCover Me by Schlachthofbronx.

Cover Me was Alpine dub in its finest moment. The tune originally a Trimoto Calim version, from the Alpine Dub LP Dubokaj released in 2016 has found new meaning and direction with Lee “Scratch” Perry’s magic added. Lee Perry invokes street symbols, blue covers, red wine stealers, killers with firing guns, and the situation of ongoing wars in the world very like in his classics such as Police and Thieves and Zion’s Blood.

Schlachthofbronx, the DJ/producer duo from Munich, Germany, already well on the sonic map for their forward-thinking club music ranging from hip hop, reggae to more electronic spheres like footwork, grime, dancehall and miami bass have given Cover Me the Bronx treatment.

Their remix takes the song in a heavy digital club steppers direction very much in the vein of 2017 album Haul & Pull that features some amazing vocal collaborators: Gonjasufi, Warrior Queen, Riko Dan and Otto von Schirach.

Lee Scratch Perry’s collaged vocals and cut up synths ride the fantastic mechanic beat laid down by the Munich masters at work.

Label:The Sound of Art to Come
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Management:Mouthwatering Records, (World)
Booking:Mouthwatering Records, (World)