Andrina Bollinger — House

Imagine your inner self as a huge castle with many rooms and hidden doors to explore: «House», the third single by Andrina Bollinger, takes a deeper look into this inner palace, which she describes in her first release «Open My Gates». «House» was inspired by texts and drawings of artist Steivan L. Könz, son of the Swiss author Selina Könz, who in turn is the creator of the world-famous Swiss book «A Bell for Ursli» or in German «Schellenursli». Bollinger is distantly related to both of them.

Hurry up, though: In just two minutes, the composition dashes with swirling drums and mysterious chants through sometimes sunny, clean - sometimes dusty, pitch-black corners.

Don't get lost!

Next to her noticed performance at the M4Music Festival in Zurich, Andrina’s first two singles got played by international radio stations like “FIP Radio” France or  “Amazing Radio” UK and she will play festivals like Winterthurer Musikfestwochen or les Georges in Fribourg.



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