Namaka is the electronic alt-pop duo formed by Sophie Adam and Philipp Schlotter. Constantly seeking for change and evolution, they are not afraid of reinventing themself on each record. Their music is like a body, always in motion, thorn in between analogical and digital, the organic and the mechanical. While their first EP « Apron Ties » celebrated wide fluid spaces and reminded here and there of the Icelandic Singer Björk, their second EP « Water On The Sun », released on Mouthwatering Records in May 2020, shined with a brighter energy and playfulness. Open-minded and lightly euphoric, the EP could take place in between records of Little Dragon or Vök.
Turning inwards, their first album « Restore », released on November 26th, 2021 is a personal introspection in the mechanisms of a break up. Human and honest, it reflects the inner struggle of every feeling that comes with it, like a photograph of the universe inside.  For this record, the band worked with the Irish producer David Odlum, who helped with the production and mixed the album. Thoughtfully layered, it flows with this uncontrolled electricity, shaking and soothing at once. For the first time on a record, Namaka featured an electric bass - giving it the role of a second narrative alongside the voice, telling simultaneously the same story, both from  their own point of view.

Management:Mouthwatering Records, (World)