Nadja Zela — Wanna Be with You

"I got places to go, I got things to do. But I just wanna be with you." In the face of loss everything seems hollow and meaningless and just the longing remains. The naive desire, however, reveals a sheer lack of understanding of the finality of death. In the end, the bittersweet choir is an empty promise and the unfulfilled yearning for reunion gets caught in recurring word-loops.


"Wanna Be with You" is the second single release of the upcoming album "Greetings to Andromeda. Requiem." After the sudden death of her husband, songwriter and guitarist Nadja Zela devoted herself together with her band to a rock music adaptation of the classic Requiem. In the mainly dark album, "Wanna Be With You" is located in the brightest part "Communio: Lux Aeternam" and spreads a narcotic warmth in its valium-like slowness.

Label:Patient Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,