Len Sander

A six-piece formation consisting of Blanka Inauen (vocals), Simon Inauen (Keys), Alesandro Hug (percussion & keys), Markus Brütsch (drums), Flavio Schönholzer (electronics & bass) and Dennis Schärer (guitars). They thrive to cultivate a new, own sound which can’t easily be pigeonholed. The group grabs hold of different sounds and themes from current genres and creates something new and distinct. By creating and performing music in different formations, LEN SANDER explores the musical boundaries of its own creations and offers a wide range of possibilities. In early 2015, their debut album ‘Phantom Garden’ hit blogs and magazines around the world and – despite its independent electronic soundscapes – found a quickly growing fan base. With their latest Single ‘Places’, the group continued to evolve their variety of sounds and, with supporters like BBC1, SRF Virus and Couleur3 or MTV/Viva, which featured the single’s video clip, achieved to establish itself as one of Switzerlands finest exports in respect of electronic music.

Booking:Le R., René Kunz (Switzerland)
Sector3 Live Handpicked, Florian Baufeld (Germany)
Rolamusic, Dominik Schmidt (Austria)
Vertigo, Matteo (Italy)